Areas To Consider For Development in Becoming More Effective INTP


• Being more sensitive to the needs of others - feelings are not a weakness!

• Taking care of the day to day essentials - paying more attention to the detail.

• Developing more personal relationships with others.

• Recognising that feelings are as valuable as logic in a decision making…


there’s literally no point in teaching girls to be body positive if you only use men’s opinions for validation like “boys like girls with curves” nah get that the fuck out of here

What is important is that the underlying structures of the universe be uncovered and articulated, and that whatever is stated about the universe be stated correctly, with coherence and without redundancy.

David Keirsey, Please Understand Me II (via myersandbriggs)

aself-indulgentfangirl sent: Why do xntps diffuse emotional situations? I am an intp myself and I realize that I do this, but I'm never really sure why:0/



NTP’s Fe isn’t up to par with the other types, so they are aware of and even impacted by heightened emotional situations (they can read emotions) but don’t always feel qualified to handle them.

Discussions and arguments are fun… if no one’s feelings get hurt. Once emotions are introduced into the mix, the NTP ceases having fun because it never meant for this fun conversation full of tearing apart all your arguments to be taken personally. Worse, it might mean having to deal with upset or even crying people and… well, what does one do then?

They make a joke. Get people to laugh. Avoid projectile emotional vomit at all costs. Why? They don’t like it. They use Fe. Harmony!!

sebastianstanpines sent: Hi! Would you be willing to explain the differences in how Se and Ne /act/? I know the differences-Se is concrete, Ne is abstract- but a lot of the times the way the act seems similar to me.



Just to clear this out of the way… Se looks for new experiences, and Ne looks for new ideas and possibilities.

Se is the ability to consider one’s environment and see chances to act in it. It’s total awareness of surroundings using the five senses. Se notices details and concretes in its environment on a conscious level. It sees what is there, how people interact, and the expressions that cross their faces. Se is good at reading people physically. It is good at noticing things and taking action to change them. Se will act before Ne will, because it is more tuned in to what is actually happening around it.

Ne also observes its environment, but in a different way. It is constantly building a network of connections, so it sees something and immediately references it not only for what it is, but in a larger context as well… what it means and how it is connected to other things. It reads people as well, but more out of instinct than noticing miniscule expressions. Ne is abstract only in the sense that it sees beyond what is in front of it, to what isn’t … to larger tapestry of life that the object is connected to. Its meaning. Its significance. Its symbolism.

Say a Se-dom and a Ne-dom had the same experience of being launched into space and watching the sun go down behind the earth. Se would be fully engaged in the physical experience; the thrill of that moment, the incredible beauty around it, the stimulation of being weightless in the face of such magnificence. Se would mark it down as something that can never be repeated; as the experience of a lifetime.

Ne would also be struck by the gorgeous sunset, but it might think about the smallness of itself in the vastness of time and space; how a life can rise up and go down just like the sun; what life and death, or sunrise and sunset, mean on a symbolic level, and how it connects to all life: the sun rises here, but darkness sets there; without sunlight, nothing would survive; the sun is “everything” to the earth. On and on it goes, weaving into a complicated web of thoughts, meanings, and significance within Ne’s mind.

Now, because we all use sensing and intuition, a Se-dom can also have an introspective response to space, but its first response is … wow, wait until everyone at home hears about this!